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Becoming a Catholic is ‘greatest gift’


David Moir and Louise Fazekas-Giles say they have been “blessed with the greatest gift in the world” since embarking on the journey to become Catholic.

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Both have been part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process over the past months and said the experience had “enriched” their lives as individuals and as a couple preparing to marry.

Louise, 26, said the RCIA journey had taught her to “humble myself” and “put my faith in God that He has a plan for me”.

“I was not raised with any religion at all. Originally I wanted to become a Catholic because David was baptised and wanted to have a Catholic (marriage) ceremony. However, since joining RCIA it has greatly enriched my life and our life together,” she said.

“The Catholic teachings align with my values and the kind of life I want to live, being kind and patient despite challenges.”

Although baptised a Catholic and attending a Catholic school, David, 27, said religion had not been a big part of his life growing up.

But he said exposure to Christian and Catholic figures on YouTube had “greatly impacted” his decision to convert to Catholicism.

“I was an atheist and then agnostic. I was eventually exposed to St Thomas Aquinas’ ‘5 proofs’ for the existence of God, which I accepted as true, and then joined the holy Catholic Church,” he said.

“Louise and I have been attending Mass since May last year. We then decided to both go through the RCIA program together so we could be fully received into the Church to begin our new married life together.”

Both said that when they first met and became a couple they were actually planning on not getting married or having children.

“We have since changed our views on this and God-willing we will have a large family,” they said.

As part of their preparation for baptism, catechumens from parishes around the Archdiocese were presented at the Rite of Election in St Patrick’s Church on March 1. Officially known as ‘the elect’, the catechumens were to be initiated in each parish during the Easter Vigil Mass, when they would be baptised, confirmed and receive their first communion. However due to the suspension of Masses under COVID-19 guidelines, these celebrations have now been placed on hold.

In addition to the catechumens the RCIA process supports ‘candidates’. These people have been previously baptised and after a time of preparation they profess their faith in the Creed of the Catholic Church.


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