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Honouring 'La Madonna'

The 64th year of continuous devotion to La Madonna di Montevergine in Adelaide was celebrated by more than 8000 people on the last Sunday in September.


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Renewing parishes

Adelaide Archdiocese representatives took part in activities at three different parishes in recent weeks as part of their ongoing visitation program. In August they travelled to the Murray Mallee (Tailem Bend and Meningie) and Mallee Border (Pinnaroo, Lameroo and Murrayville), inviting parishioners to share their thoughts about issues at the local, diocesan and wider Church level. The visit to the Para Hills Modbury parish in September included Child Protection Sunday celebrations, which were acknowledged in a number of ways throughout the liturgy, in prayer and action.



The Anniversaries Mass held at St Patrick’s Church, Grote Street, on September 22 was an opportunity for members of the Catholic community to recognise the significant anniversary of their ordination or marriage.


Celebrating multiculturalism

The cultures and traditions of Catholics from around the world were celebrated at the annual Multicultural Mass held in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral on August 25. This year on the World Day of Migrants and Refugees people were asked to consider their own fears and hopes, and reflect on how God is encouraging and inviting us, who are we becoming, and what kind of society are we preparing for those who come after us. Following the Mass, food and entertainment from different countries were showcased, including a beautiful dancing display by girls from the Albanian community.