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Signs of hope

All around us are signs of the season of spring, for which we have looked forward to. We have left behind us the sometimes grey, dull and cold days of winter and may even have a spring in our steps as we look forward to more natural warmth and light, and the energy that comes from them.


Universal Church up close

All roads lead to Rome, they say. And from all the corners of the earth we came – Australia (just me), Macau, the Philippines, Latin America, United States, Canada, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Rome itself – to learn about ‘covering Catholicism in the age of Francis’.


Hospitality – the basic liturgical ministry

In the past 50 years lay people have taken on many liturgical ministries, from extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion and readers, to visitors to the sick and collection counters. For many parishes the ministry of hospitality holds a special place because hospitality is – or ought to be – the hallmark of every Christian. We might think that hospitality at Mass is limited to providing a warm greeting as parishioners and visitors arrive, or handing out parish bulletins, but in fact it is much more than this: it is the ministry of the whole community.

Opinion Opinion

Getting a true picture of Church

At a time when many would say the Catholic Church is on the decline, it is interesting to note that the latest Census statistics show that the Catholic population in Australia has increased from 4.8 million to nearly 5.3 million over the past 10 years.