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Archbishop O'Regan chats to worshippers after the recent Australia Day Mass.

What do we really want in life?

There is something refreshing that happens when a new year begins. It presents the opportunity to participate more deeply in God’s mercy as we set the counters back to zero and begin again. We can rule the line under the previous year and deepen our hope that the new year will be better, or at least different. We may express this hope in making new year resolutions; we may express this in just wanting this year to be better than last year.


Politics of sport

As we enjoy the usual summer smorgasbord of sport it might seem frivolous of us Aussies to be so obsessed with our sporting heroes when there is such terrible suffering in other parts of the world.


Community spirit at Christmas and beyond

Christmas is one of the few times when extended families come together to celebrate their faith, often at the local parish primary school or secondary college where it’s a chance to catch up with friends as well reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

Opinion Opinion

Bless this house

While the secular Christmas season began in early November, the liturgical Christmas season doesn’t begin until the evening on December 24. One way you can extend the liturgical Christmas season into your domestic life is with the blessing of your home.