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Giving thanks for new ‘normal’

There is no doubt we are living in unprecedented times, where the new ‘normal’ encompasses social distancing, hand washing and Zoom meetings, not to mention the need to get tested as soon as you have a sniffle.


Parish renewal - time to take stock

In his first major statement, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis spoke bluntly about the challenges facing Catholic parishes: ‘We must admit …  that the call to review and renew our parishes has not yet sufficed to bring them nearer to people, to make them environments of living communion and participation, and to make them completely mission-oriented.’

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The forgotten families

Eleven-year-old Mustafa is a beautifully-spoken, polite boy with an infectious smile. His older brother Mohammad is articulate and engaging but when you look closely at his big brown eyes there is a seriousness and sense of responsibility that no 15-year-old kid should be burdened with.