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Mark: Beginning the Good News

Over a three-year cycle of Ordinary Time we hear the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke proclaimed at Sunday Mass. John’s Gospel is interspersed at other times, especially in the Easter Season. Next year we will listen to Mark. He called his word ‘the beginning of the Good News about Jesus Christ’.


‘Oh no! Not a baptism!’

Have you ever uttered these words, or heard them on the lips of another parishioner as you arrived for Sunday Mass to find young parents with white-clad infant in arms, obviously ready to celebrate the sacrament of baptism?


The government should stop marrying people

Writing in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits, Dr Rachel Woodlock argues governments should not be in the business of issuing marriage certificates, rather it should determine who has the legal right to enter into secular, contractual arrangements protecting assets and guardianship matters.

Opinion Opinion

Not the retiring kind

I retired from the ABC last December. My last six years were on radio, five doing Mornings and then one on Drive. Before that I’d worked for almost three decades in television current affairs, everything from BTN to Four Corners. I started with 'Aunty' in the early '80s. I’m now in my early 60s and it seemed like the right time to step away from it all.