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Pope John XXIII

Enduring truths in a changing world

On October 11 this year, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. In his opening address Pope John XXIII said: 'The greatest concern of this council is this: that the sacred and central truths of our Christian faith should be guarded and taught more effectively.' He continued: 'The substance of our central beliefs is one thing, and the way in which it is presented is another....we will also be attentive to these times, to new forms of life present in the modern world.'


Youth take up call to action

The Catholic Church has spent most of its existence being criticised by our ever-evolving society, however, hope was reignited in South Australia at Adelaide’s Diocesan Assembly 2022, writes youth delegate SISILINA SAUKURU.


Participants have their say

For the Saturday session of the 2022 Diocesan Assembly, participants were assigned to one of six workshop themes comprising three rounds of discussion: theological foundations, practical applications and examples, and planning for action. We asked a member of each workshop to share their insights.


How do we live in this world?

Sooner or later each person of faith has to choose how they will relate to the world around them. Some people of faith might choose to engage; some might choose to reject the world or some combination in between. At some stage we have to make a choice.


Hypocrisy rife in Aussie Rules

Can someone please tell me when the AFL became the moral compass for the universe? I know it’s been heading in this direction for a while but for a football club to insist that its new CEO choose between the club and his church, well that’s taking it to another level.


In memory of Jesus

As we move through the month of November we are conscious that this year is coming to closure, and we are also in the process of looking ahead to plan and prepare for the coming year.

Opinion Opinion

We’ll meet again

Many have been the tributes, reflections and expressions of gratitude for the life of our late Queen Elizabeth II. All have reflected a deep sense of gratitude for a life of tireless service, well-lived. One of the most touching, to me, were those which commented on her role as a mother. Mother to her family; to a nation; to a Commonwealth; mother to so many in a myriad of ways.