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The Archdiocese hosted the pre-synod gathering and presented the diocesan synod report at The Monastery on Saturday April 30. The report highlights the various consultations that have taken place in the Archdiocese over the past few years and the many voices of the Catholic community. It also presents a synthesis of the Diocesan Assembly recommendations and signals a commitment to a continued journey of synodality. The report, which will be sent to the Bishops Conference and directly to the Vatican, can be found at

Easter: the death of death

What is Easter? For people of faith it is the high point of the year; for some it is simply an extended long weekend. How many of us really believe that it lasts for 50 days? That’s 50 days to receive the gift of new life and integrate it more deeply into all aspects of our lives; 50 days as God’s holy people to make sure the new life that transforms us allows us to make a difference in the church and the world.


Called to holiness

Since the earliest days of the Christian community, there have been ordinary women, men and children who have made a significant impact on the lives of those around them. The reason they have made an impact is because of their witness to faith in the risen Lord and their desire to be faithful followers of the Lord.


Listen, observe, respond

In the continuing series on the Interim Diocesan Pastoral Council, we asked Rachele Tullio and Stephen Bampton about their involvement in the Church, why they nominated to be on the Council and their hopes for the future.


Unwrapping a fairer world

Our family is not big on presents for Mother’s Day. I once made the mistake of saying that it was way too commercial and another symptom of the Americanisation of Australian society, or something like that.


Conscience and truth in politics

So soon after our State election we are now facing a Federal election. Once again let’s reflect upon the election in the light of our faith and take seriously the responsibility of voting for the best outcome for all in our country.

Opinion Opinion

The victory of love

Easter is almost upon us. On April 14 we begin the Easter Triduum (pronounced trid-you-oom), the most important three days in the Church’s year, when we celebrate the mystery of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.