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History repeats...

More than 150 years ago a small group of Irish settlers on Yorke Peninsula set about building a church for their growing community, culminating in the opening of St Francis of Assisi Church by Bishop Sheil on December 12 1869.


Building trust

The South Australian and Northern Territory Professional Standards Office explains how it is bringing trauma informed and compassionate responses to abuse and misconduct.


Life in abundance

We have never had so much materially or scientifically. We have a way of life adorned with creature comforts that were unthinkable not so long ago, and with the technology to enable opportunities that formerly we could only dream of.


How Pope Francis can revitalise the Church

Pope Francis’ foremost priority should be top-to-bottom culture change in the Catholic Church, specifically: fostering a spirit of urgency, bringing new talent to all decision-making tables and creating openness to radically new ideas.

Opinion Opinion

Sign of the times or missed opportunity?

I love bookshops. I can spend hours in them, wandering from bookshelf to bookshelf picking out titles and turning them over to read the blurb on the back. Often it’s the feel of the paperback or the image on the front cover that forces me to choose it. Buying an e-book and reading it on a Kindle just isn’t the same. It might work for some, but not for me.