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Rural graduates shine in city

Three graduates of rural Catholic schools are reaping the rewards of a scholarship program at Aquinas College in North Adelaide as they embark on university studies in medicine, psychology and engineering.

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Campaign to keep family together

Local refugee advocates are urging the Federal Government to intervene in the case of a Sri Lankan asylum seeker facing deportation next month despite his wife and child having the right to remain in Australia under recent changes to immigration policy.


Passionist’s 50 year journey comes full circle

Father Denis Travers has made an enormous contribution to the Passionists in Australia and around the world over five decades. The affable parish priest spoke to JENNY BRINKWORTH after celebrating his golden jubilee on January 21, in the same church where he made his first vows.


Giving all refugees a fair go

After years of letter-writing to MPs, protesting on the streets and, above all, listening to and supporting families shattered by a cruel immigration policy, the Circle of Friends paused last month to rejoice over the Federal Government’s decision to give permanent residency to more than 19,000 refugees.