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Cherian Koiparampil breaks the bread for daughter Vinaya with Vivek, Preethi and Sr Jasmine in background.

Keeping Easter traditions alive

Catholic families will celebrate Easter in many different ways this year, reflecting the diversity of parishioners in the Adelaide Archdiocese. For many members of the thriving Syro-Malabar Catholic community this will mean honouring their Indian heritage through the tradition of preparing and sharing kalathappam on Holy Thursday.


Aboriginal Catholics leading the way

With more than 130,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics in Australia, listening to the voice of the youngest and fastest growing group of people in the Church is vital, says respected South Australian elder and leader John Lochowiak.


Pipe organ music to Ugandan priest’s ears

With only two pipe organs being played in his home country of 45 million people, Ugandan priest Fr Denis Ssemuju was thrilled to try his hand on the beautiful Canadian Casavant Freres in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral recently.


Colouring the world of CBC

Groovy, psychedelic, with a touch of cartoon element and plenty of colour and detail…that’s how internationally-commissioned street artist Aaron (Azzy) Batic describes his latest works that are transforming the walls of Christian Brothers College.