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Dominican connects with diverse youth

A former publican who develops apps in his spare time is the newest member of the St Laurence’s Dominican community at North Adelaide. Ordained in July last year in Sydney, Father Matthew Boland OP spoke to Jenny Brinkworth about his vocation and his first assignment as chaplain of Blackfriars Priory School – the only school in Australia run by the Dominican friars.

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Sewing helps women in crisis

St Patrick’s Technical College Year 11 lifestyle and hospitality students have been sewing quilts for the Northern Domestic Violence Service.


Cambodia trip a win-win

Trade school students from Adelaide’s northern suburbs will have an opportunity to use their skills to provide vital assistance to communities in Cambodia next month.


The government should stop marrying people

Writing in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits, Dr Rachel Woodlock argues governments should not be in the business of issuing marriage certificates, rather it should determine who has the legal right to enter into secular, contractual arrangements protecting assets and guardianship matters.

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Seal of confession under scrutiny

The release of the report by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on the Australian criminal justice system, which included a recommendation on information of abuse revealed in religious confessions, has renewed debate on the seal of confession.