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Finding light in darkness of war

Members of an Adelaide Catholic Women’s League group have been raising money for Emmaus parishioner Maurice O’Connell who recently returned to Ukraine to continue volunteering for a local aid organisation.

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Easter traditions live on

As Catholics around the world prepare to celebrate the most important Christian festival, 98-year-old Michael Potoczky took time to reflect on his faith and the contribution he has made to beautiful artworks that many churchgoers will see this Easter.

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Rite move for Adelaide mum

After a faith journey spanning several years and different continents, Elizabeth Reed is feeling a sense of “peace and contentment” as she prepares to be received into the Catholic Church at next week’s Easter Vigil.


Guiding children through the Passion

One Easter, not long after moving to Australia from the United States, my husband and I made a big mistake. We bought our children bikes so that they could play outside but they took it as a sign that Easter was a time for receiving gifts. Every Easter since they have provided us with a wish list and we find ourselves in an unwanted battle.