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Archbishop Patrick O'Regan


Archbishop Patrick O'Regan

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We’ll meet again

Many have been the tributes, reflections and expressions of gratitude for the life of our late Queen Elizabeth II. All have reflected a deep sense of gratitude for a life of tireless service, well-lived. One of the most touching, to me, were those which commented on her role as a mother. Mother to her family; to a nation; to a Commonwealth; mother to so many in a myriad of ways.

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Hearts that knew no bounds

Easter has finally come to an end. After a week of weeks we have celebrated the great feast of Pentecost. In so doing we were called to acknowledge the irreplaceable role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the life of the Church, sometimes, if not forgotten, not given a prominent appreciation.

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Archbishop O’Regan and director of Pastoral Life and Mission, Sarah Moffatt, met with Year 5/6 students from St Thomas More and St Mary Magdalene’s schools last month, gathering information as part of the journey to the Synod.  Asked what they thought the Archbishop should tell the Pope when he meets with him in Rome next year, the students shared some of the challenges and opportunities they face as young people living in today’s world.

Playing the timely tune, singing the timely song

Generations of young Australian children grew up watching Play School and well knew its signature tune, 'There’s a bear in there'!


Easter: the death of death

What is Easter? For people of faith it is the high point of the year; for some it is simply an extended long weekend. How many of us really believe that it lasts for 50 days? That’s 50 days to receive the gift of new life and integrate it more deeply into all aspects of our lives; 50 days as God’s holy people to make sure the new life that transforms us allows us to make a difference in the church and the world.


How long, O Lord?

In mid-January 2020 who would have thought that two years on we would still be encountering the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic? Who might have been bold enough to predict that fear and uncertainty would upstage certainty and hope as the default position of our lives? Not many, and yet for good or ill this is what surrounds us