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Katie Spain / The Southern Cross

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Long road back to school

The Bakhtiari family made headlines around the world in 2004 when they were deported in the early hours of the morning by Australian immigration officials after fleeing Afghanistan four years earlier. Two decades later, one of the Bakhtiari children, Nagina Zahra, is back living in Adelaide and recently began teaching at the school she attended while the family was under the care of Centacare Catholic Family Services. In an exclusive interview with KATIE SPAIN, Nagina recalls those traumatic times and her journey back to St Aloysius College where she is now helping students settle into their new home.

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Silver linings

When a devastating health scare pulled the rug from under Jim and Reeva Cecil’s life in Adelaide, the pair turned to God to help them through the terrifying time. The couple shared their story and the Bible passages that navigated them through the storm with KATIE SPAIN.

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From Poland, with love

When Fr Roman Palma looked out at the congregation gathered at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on April 28, a sea of familiar faces looked back at him. Approximately 400 people gathered to celebrate his 50th priestly ordination. Fr Roman spoke to KATIE SPAIN about his journey from Poland to Adelaide.