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The light of Christ's birth

In his annual Christmas message, Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Patrick O’Regan has reminded us that in our darkest times, Christ “lights our way toward justice and peace”.

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The way we gather matters

Christmas lunch is either something you look forward to or something you dread. The food, the company, the conversations, the gift exchange; a lot of it hinges on both the choices you make and the people you are with. Are we gathering out of obligation or with love? How well do we know the people around the table? How could we make time with family and friends more meaningful?

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Songs of joy

A family that plays together stays together. That’s the advice of Arthur Siow, choirmaster at Holy Cross Church, Goodwood, who sings with three of his five children at Sunday Masses, and at special events in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral.


The Christmas love letter

When was the last time you received a love letter? I guess that these days they come in all shapes and sizes and social media manifestations. Often these types of letters are treasures poured over and preserved as it crystallises in one moment a significant communication from the one we love and the one who loves us.