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Founding teacher returns to Kildare


Kildare College's first ‘teacher in charge’, Sr Moira Broderick csb, returned to the college last month to share her wisdom and insights with staff and students.

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In 1966, Sr Moira played a key role in shaping the foundation of the college as the sole teacher of the 30 students enrolled in its opening year.

Kildare College principal Tina Neate said connecting with Sr Moira was a “momentous occasion” for the college community and an opportunity to reflect on the Brigidine story and “our rich heritage”.

“Sr Moira’s speech was inspirational and reminded our community of the importance of determination, resilience, and the ongoing journey of learning,” Mrs Neate said.

Sr Moira spoke about some of the college’s early achievements and its commitment to developing Kildare into a “successful place of education for young women in the growing north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide”.

“We were on a learning journey together as teachers, students, community and especially with other colleges in Adelaide too, setting out with us,” Sr Moira said.

“We dared to dream and always said ‘we can do this’.”

Just one year after it opened the college was awarded winner of the Youth Drama Competition as part of the Festival of the Arts in 1967, the beginning of a strong performing arts program at Kildare.

During a tour of facilities – including the administration building which was the convent until 1990 and where she and the other nine Brigidine Sisters lived – Sr Moira marvelled at the growth of the college.

“The students and I spent our first day at the college looking at the features of our new building, its large hall space, four classrooms, a bathroom and tuck shop to complete the scene. Today, I marvel at Kildare College, it’s almost a city,” she said.

“We are immensely grateful for Sr Moira’s dedication to education and her continued support for our college and thank her for also coming to Kildare to inspire all in our community,” Mrs Neate said.

“Sr Moira laid the foundation for our college’s success, creating a nurturing environment that continues to empower generations of students.

“Her dedication, visionary leadership and commitment to education have left an indelible mark on Kildare College’s legacy.”

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