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Who is my neighbour?

It is a feature of our current times, in large cities especially, that people do not know their neighbours. Such is the pace of modern life; such is the transitory nature of people’s stay in one place that the sheer time needed for such bonds to develop is often not there.

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Focused on action and tangible results

In our continuing series on the Interim Diocesan Pastoral Council Julian Nguyen and Sarah Moffatt reflect on their involvement in the Church and their hopes for the future.


New faces at youth office

A social worker with strong ties to the Vietnamese Catholic Community has been appointed as the new coordinator of the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults (COYYA).


Passing on the faith

Sister Cecilia Nguyen’s own faith was nurtured under the dark cloud of Communism and has survived war, displacement and resettlement in a foreign land. But when the gentle 72-year-old Dominican Sister speaks of her 50 years as a vowed Religious, it is her role in passing on the faith to Vietnamese children and young people that is uppermost in her mind.