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Faith in a time of crisis

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has created a situation of crisis in Australia and around the globe. Many countries are suffering from an exponential rate of infection with extraordinarily high numbers of deaths, affecting especially the sick and the frail elderly. This is a public health emergency of a scale we have not previously known. It is also an event of great personal tragedy for the gravely ill and their families, and for the bereaved.


The family - where we come to know Christ

It is striking how often Pope Francis refers to the family in his writings and homilies. In the week after Christmas we celebrated the feast of the Holy Family, and now at the beginning of February, the Presentation of Jesus in the temple. Both feasts call us to reflect on the vital link between a strong Christian family and a fruitful celebration of parish liturgy.


Study explores return to church

Christians over the age of 60 who have re-engaged with their faith community after a long period of absence are being asked to share their experiences as part of new research project being undertaken by the University of South Australia.