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Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ


Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ

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Ashes and life

On Ash Wednesday one year ago a school shooting massacre occurred at the Parkland High School in Florida, resulting in 17 deaths and a large number of wounded. Displayed prominently was a photo of anguished mothers arriving at the school to find out whether or not their child was a victim.

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Life is a gift that God gives forever

Pope Francis has asked us to look at life issues in a holistic way, as a total perspective. It comes out of Our Lord’s words: ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’. Pope Francis says that the Christian attitude to life must embrace everything from conception to natural death. And so it covers actions like abortion; it covers actions like capital punishment. It’s odd to be opposed to abortion and yet support capital punishment; there’s a contradiction there.

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The meaning of names

There is nothing that looks deader than a pruned vineyard in August. I have seen it at Sevenhill, year after year. A month later, as is happening now with the trees in our gardens, the buds of the fresh green of life begin to appear.


Who do you say I am?

There is the story of a former Prime Minister visiting a nursing home during an election period and going up to one of the elderly residents, bending over and asking the lady, “do you know who I am?” The resident replied, ‘no, I don’t, dear, but if you go over to the nurse at the desk, she will probably be able to tell you’.