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Buen Camino


Glenelg parish priest Fr John Herd will give a talk about his recent experiences travelling the Camino de Santiago at the next Lefevre parish faith formation session.

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Fr John gave The Southern Cross a sneak preview of his presentation:

‘The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is famous. I learnt of it from earlier pilgrims who had shared the experience of their own unique journeys.

There was something down to earth and rugged about it – needing hiking boots and poles, and ready for the simplicity of hostel accommodation.

The Camino promised adventure as well as the prospect of finding greater meaning and help in becoming one’s truer self.

Early in 2023 I decided to test my hiking ability and by the middle of year I had bought a plane ticket.

As a first-time pilgrim, I decided I would walk for about a week on the Camino. By early October I was in Sarria, a town in northern Spain, and was heading for the pilgrim city of Santiago.

The weather was great and with a sense of purpose, I was full of hope. There were many fellow pilgrims I met on the way, some young, some older, some looking for deeper meaning, some grieving the loss of a loved one etc.

There were times of solitary hiking but also many shared conversations which were mutually encouraging.

As a pilgrim I desired a greater sense of God’s presence and call in my life. Looking back, I can see God’s providence at work providing unexpected opportunities and encounters. I came to know myself in new ways, and gained a greater trust that all will be well.

After Santiago I headed to Manresa, 70kms from Barcelona. I wanted to connect with the pilgrim Ignatius of Loyola. It was at this place that Ignatius discovered much about the spiritual life and where he experienced God “teaching him like a schoolmaster”.

It was a Buen Camino for me – a beautiful experience of the way!’

Fr John’s talk will be held on Sunday June 16 at Lefevre Parish Meeting Rooms, 253 Military Road, Semaphore, 4-5pm.


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