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Preparing for ordination


In the week of his ordination to the priesthood, Deacon James Thomson says he has strong emotions of gratitude and a sense of responsibility.

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“Many people throughout my life journey have made big sacrifices in their own lives to get me to this point,” he told The Southern Cross.

“I can’t help but reflect on all the different people who have influenced and impacted my life. It’s an incredible feeling being able to see how God has touched my life in so many ways through His people.

“But what comes with this, is also an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Something quite extraordinary is going to happen to me in a few weeks’ time. My reality will change forever.”

Reflecting on his future vocation, James said he wondered “what kind of priest I’m going to be”.

“I ask myself questions like, where will I sit on the spectrum between mercy and justice? Yes, mercy is of the upmost importance at an individual level but it’s through justice that we potentially learn from our mistakes and are held accountable for our actions.

“Heaven has penetrated earth whether we like it or not, and I now have the responsibility of bringing people forward into this reality.

“I think the most important realisation for me over the last few years in seminary is yes, something quite amazing is going to happen to me. And yes, becoming a priest is an extremely privileged position. But becoming a priest doesn’t make me any holier.

“I’m still a human being just like anyone else, who is going through the same struggles in life.

“This is something that to some extent, is beyond my control, but I am willing to accept.”

A former financial analyst, James headed to the USA in 2018 to study alongside other mature aged seminarians at Pope St John XXIII Seminary.

Mgr William Fay, a faculty member who has been James’ formation advisor for the past five years, is hoping to travel from Boston to Adelaide to attend the ordination.

The ordination will be held in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral starting at 10am on Saturday May 27. A livestream of the Mass will be available at


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