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Spirituality of marriage

Denis Toohey, with a Master of Theological Studies degree, will outline 12 attributes of Trinity which can also be present in the marital relationship during a presentation at Lefevre Catholic Community on Trinity Sunday.

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Divorced and Catholic? Don’t believe everything you hear

The consistent teaching of the Church is that each of us can only marry one person. Divorce is a civil law construct which may finalise such matters as property and, if there are children, what arrangements are to be made for their welfare, but divorce does not dissolve the bond that was made when the couple gave their consent to one another at the time of the marriage, a consent which includes ‘till death us do part’, in other words, for a lifetime.


Falling in love

To fall in love! We use the expression to cover many things. You can fall in love with a baby, a sports team, a city, a job, or another person. However, we reserve the prime analogate for this expression for one thing, emotional infatuation, that intoxicating feeling we first get when we meet someone who we sense as a soulmate.


Getting to the church in time

High school sweethearts Elisa De Angelis and Samuel Murison had been preparing for their marriage for more than a year when their plans were thrown into chaos by the coronavirus crisis.