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Spirituality of marriage


Denis Toohey, with a Master of Theological Studies degree, will outline 12 attributes of Trinity which can also be present in the marital relationship during a presentation at Lefevre Catholic Community on Trinity Sunday.

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Speaking of marriage and the family, John Paul II stated: ‘In this entire world, there is not a more perfect, more complete image of God, unity and community.  There is no other human reality which corresponds more, humanly speaking, to that divine mystery.’

‘By becoming aware that their human love is a reflection of the divine love, the couple reaches, but never penetrates, the mystery of the Trinity – of the complementary relationship of love between autonomous persons who are separate and one at the same time.  This understanding can assist the married couple to becoming more God-like as they strive to model their life together on the image of the life of the triune God.’

Denis married Margaret in 1970 and they have raised six children.  Along the way they have nurtured their marriage – and those of others – in various ways including leadership roles in the Teams of Our Lady Movement for Married Couples. In 2010, they led the introduction to Adelaide of the Ministry to the Newly Married program.

Denis said during his Master of Theological Studies degree, he began to appreciate many parallels between the relationship within Trinity and that within marriage.

“Is then delved more deeply into the study of the spirituality of marriage,” he said.

His major work, Practical Implications of Trinitarian Theology for Marital Relationship and Vocation, was published in its entirety in INTAMS Review, journal of the Belgium-based International Academy for Marital Spirituality.

The presentation will be held on Sunday June 4 from 4–5pm at the Lefevre Catholic Community Meeting Rooms 253 Military Road, Semaphore. ENQUIRIES: Father Roderick O’Brien 8449 6378. A Certificate of Attendance is available for professional development. Please register with Fr Roderick before the event and on the day.

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