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Archbishop Wilson

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Praise for Archbishop’s leadership

In her farewell speech, Heather Carey spoke openly and sincerely of her deep affection for Archbishop Philip Wilson and the traumatic legal process which last year concluded with his acquittal. These are her words.

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Seeking justice in the public sphere

Our justice system is based on the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty. But what happens when a person is found guilty and then proven innocent? This is the conundrum facing Archbishop Philip Wilson and the Catholic Church in Australia following the overturning of the conviction against the former Adelaide Archbishop.


Newcastle final sentencing hearing

Archbishop Philip Wilson will return to the New South Wales Local Court on August 14 for final sentencing after being assessed for suitability for home detention.


Questions of justice

In the last few weeks I have been asked a number of questions including ‘can the Pope sack a bishop?’ This question forced me to reflect on what it really meant.