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Easter a time for reconnection


With so many people experiencing some form of disconnection and anxiety, Archbishop Patrick O'Regan has spoken of the transforming power of faith in his 2024 Easter message.

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“This Easter it seems that so many people are experiencing some form of being disconnected,” Archbishop O’Regan says in his message.

“Whether it is the rising cost of living, the affordability of a simple home or the general sense that the world seems at times to be out of control and just doesn’t make sense.

“There is an anxiety that surrounds us.

“On Good Friday we see Jesus entrust his life to the Father in giving his life for us.

“And just when all seems lost, when the darkness seems to be the deepest, when hope seems furthest away, when hand, heart and head seem disconnected, the faithful God, the God of life, raised Jesus from the dead.

Everything is connected again.”

View the Archbishop’s video message, filmed at the Hutt St Centre, Adelaide.

For Easter services around the State, visit or download the Archdiocesan App.

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