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A mum’s search for diamonds in the rough


When Simone Freeborn discovered just how lonely pregnancy can be, the empathetic 24 year old wanted to help others in her position.

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At first, she wasn’t quite sure how, but was eventually inspired by New South Wales-based organisation Diamond Women.

“I discovered Diamond Women through a mutual friend,” Simone (pictured) said.

“A group of us South Australian girls had been talking about the need for more pregnancy support here and wanted to do something to help.”

Diamond Women was founded in 2006 by CEO Jennifer Gurry. The organisation provides free support to women on their unexpected pregnancy journey. It is particularly focused on empowerment and reducing incidence of mental health disorders during the perinatal period.

Topics covered include baby massage, pregnancy and post-partum care, budgeting and finance, oral hygiene for pregnancy and post-partum, early milestones for motor and speech development, nutrition and wellness, and meditation and stress management.

In addition to counselling, support for partners and mentoring, Diamond Women runs a Mum2Mum program which invites women to engage in a mother’s group focused on friendship and education.

This is where Simone, who is pregnant with her second child, saw an opportunity for local women.

“Diamond Women is amazing and has been running for 18 years now,” she said.

“Someone had to take the reins in South Australia. This was the start of 2023 and at the time I had a four-month-old baby but I decided the need is so important we just had to do it.

“I was a stay-at-home mum with a baby, so a mums’ support group seemed like a good thing to do.”

Simone, who lives in Moana and attends St Luke’s Catholic Church, spearheaded South Australia’s first Mum2Mum group which regularly meets for coffee, cake, friendship, conversation, and information at a Christies Beach café.

“It is a mums’ group, especially for pregnant mothers and new mums,” Simone said. “Vulnerable women who need support and connection.

“When I was pregnant, I had support but it was still lonely. A reason a lot of women feel like they can’t go through with a pregnancy is external factors that can be changed or managed. When people have abortions for financial reasons, or because they just don’t have the support, it’s so sad to hear.”

Expecting mothers, new mothers and their partners are welcome. Diamond Women efforts rely on donations and Simone and a small team of volunteers hold bake sales and fundraisers to bring in much-needed funds.

“The Mum2Mum group is very relaxed,” Simone said.

“Everything provided to the women is free. The goal is to eventually have a centre here in South Australia and to be able to fundraise enough to employ someone to provide face-to-face counselling.”

Christies Beach Mum2Mum gatherings are free and held at The Espy Bakehouse on the fourth Wednesday of each month. To attend on April 24 or May 22 (10am – noon), contact Simone at For more information visit


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