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Praying for a lasting peace


The Australian Catholic Bishops have joined with the Australian Catholic community in expressing their grief and anguish over the suffering of people in the Holy Land.

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The bishops, gathered in Sydney this week, issued the following statement:

These are not simply news stories or television dramas: they are the stories of real people. All are children of God.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and hold them and their suffering in our hearts.

Remembering the long history that has led to the current violence in the Middle East is the first step to finding a way beyond the violence to a just end of the conflict.

Peace can come only from justice.

We call people of faith to pray with us for a lasting peace and the triumph of human dignity.

As we turn to God in prayer, we also encourage acts of charity and generosity to provide for the material needs of people who are isolated and facing the greatest hardship. The need is urgent.

Properly administered aid could mean the difference between life and death for innocent civilians, and so we call for immediate access for humanitarian agencies.

The sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a longing for peace and harmony, and this we seek together as one human family.

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