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Effie in the right headspace

Having worked with children from tough backgrounds, psychologist Effie Georgiadis has seen firsthand a raft of issues confronting the youth of today. However, she believes the impact of the COVID pandemic will raise yet another set of challenges to overcome.

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Norwood Wolf Den a howling success

With its bright green walls and yellow sunflowers, the Wolf Den in Norwood is proving a real talking point not only for nearby residents eager to learn more about it, but also young Catholics committed to their faith formation.


Following God’s plan

The newest member of the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults (COYYA), David Anthony, is optimistic about the opportunities for young people to participate in the life of the Church.


Changing the way young people experience Church

The suspension of Masses and cancellation of gatherings over the past few months have proved challenging for parishioners, but for young people the opportunity to readily access more resources online has been a welcome addition to their faith lives, as LINDY McNAMARA reports.


Hospitality key to missionary Church

Decorating a table with flowers, putting out biscuits and offering a cup of tea might be considered “fluffy stuff”, but Jane Angha says hospitality of this kind is important for a Church that wants to be missionary in today’s world.