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Hearing the voices of many

In our continuing series on the Interim Diocesan Pastoral Council, Holly Roberts and Fr Manu Kumbidiyamackal explain why they nominated to be on the Council and share their hopes for the future.

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A sign of the times

The second and final assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia will be held from July 3-9 in Sydney. It is the first such gathering for the Catholic Church in Australia since 1937. What did the first four Australian plenary councils consider? What were the key issues the Church was facing at that time? The synopsis of the discussions and outcomes of previous plenary councils in Australia is captured from the comprehensive history prepared by DR PETER WILKINSON, originally published in The Swag and on the website Catholica.


Hearts that knew no bounds

Easter has finally come to an end. After a week of weeks we have celebrated the great feast of Pentecost. In so doing we were called to acknowledge the irreplaceable role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the life of the Church, sometimes, if not forgotten, not given a prominent appreciation.