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Life in abundance

We have never had so much materially or scientifically. We have a way of life adorned with creature comforts that were unthinkable not so long ago, and with the technology to enable opportunities that formerly we could only dream of.

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One man’s philosophy on living and dying

Salisbury parishioner and retired teacher Arthur Nankivell has been providing ‘technical support’ to musicians at St Augustine’s Church for many years. Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease three years ago, he continues to actively participate in the parish, preparing the Powerpoint presentation and operating the overhead projector each Sunday. Arthur was heavily involved in community service with Lions for 40 years and named Citizen of the Year at the Salisbury City Council Australia Day Awards in 2015. In what he describes as ‘ramblings’ on living and dying, ARTHUR NANKIVELL writes of the importance of serving others – even in his dying days – and his personal rejection of euthanasia.


Imprison doctors who leave patients in pain: international ethicist

Legislation enabling doctors to participate in ending their patients’ lives via euthanasia or assisted suicide is not the right solution for terminally ill people, but any doctor who leaves someone in pain should be “put in gaol”, according to world-renowned ethicist and opponent of euthanasia Professor Margaret Somerville AM.