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Life in abundance

We have never had so much materially or scientifically. We have a way of life adorned with creature comforts that were unthinkable not so long ago, and with the technology to enable opportunities that formerly we could only dream of.

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Life is a gift that God gives forever

Pope Francis has asked us to look at life issues in a holistic way, as a total perspective. It comes out of Our Lord’s words: ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full’. Pope Francis says that the Christian attitude to life must embrace everything from conception to natural death. And so it covers actions like abortion; it covers actions like capital punishment. It’s odd to be opposed to abortion and yet support capital punishment; there’s a contradiction there.

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Birthline demand continues to grow

The biggest threat to human life in South Australia is to unborn children with 4439 abortions recorded in 2015 (the last year of reporting), Dr Don Reid told supporters of Birthline Pregnancy Support Inc at its 45th anniversary dinner.