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Providing a listening ear for half a century

On September 2 supporters of Birthline will gather to celebrate the anniversary of an organisation that for 50 years has been providing a phone counselling service for women facing an unexpected pregnancy. But its future is less certain as donations dwindle and the general community seemingly becomes more accepting of abortion.

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Thousands demonstrate their love for 'both'

The message of ‘love them both’ – referring to the mother and the unborn child – came through loud and clear to approximately 5000 people who braved the rain to participate in the Walk for Life rally in Adelaide on Saturday.


The abortion debate we need to have

It is 50 years since the SA Parliament debated and passed legislation relating to abortion. A lot has changed since then and the Attorney General Vickie Chapman has decided it’s time to ‘modernise’ the legislation.


Moral vision required in abortion debate

The State Attorney General Vickie Chapman has stated her intention to present to Parliament an abortion law reform bill based on recommendations of the South Australian Law Reform Institute. Once again, we will see that the human dignity and right to life of the unborn child is not a consideration.