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Pilgrims 100 projects announced


A food security project in Timor-Leste and a program assisting people with intellectual disabilities in Cambodia will be supported by the local Pilgrims 100 group in 2024.

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At its annual awards evening on November 9, Pilgrims 100 announced its winning projects for the coming year and how the $90,000 it raised in 2023 would be distributed.

Established in 2020, Pilgrims 100 is an initiative that has brought together like-minded people who are ‘passionate about helping those living in the margins and suffering the indignity of poverty and injustice’. Members of the group donate $1000 annually and then vote to determine which projects run by Jesuit Mission overseas will receive their funding.

Pilgrims 100 chair, James Hill, said one of the programs selected was enabling people with intellectual disabilities in Cambodia to “overcome barriers, participate actively in their community and ultimately, live a full life”.

Operating across three provinces, the project aims to benefit more than 2600 people including those living with disability, their families, local health staff, teachers and village community representatives.

“Funding will assist with providing vocational training with a focus on agricultural skills, improvements to housing, access to healthcare and education services, and raising awareness about intellectual disabilities,” Mr Hill said.

The second project is empowering communities in Timor-Leste to improve agricultural practices and food security.

“As a South Australian community of goodwill, Pilgrims 100 is delighted that the money we raise is being used for such worthwhile projects and we look forward to continuing our efforts in 2024.”

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