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Uni students launch Catholic society


The University of Adelaide has long boasted a myriad of student clubs and societies, ranging from debating and arts to sport and science.

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A recent addition to the list is the Adelaide University Catholic Society (AUCS), a Catholic student-led community based at the university’s North Terrace campus.

AUCS endeavours to encourage everyone to embrace and implement their faith in their day-to-day lives, on the university campus and in the wider community.

Through faith formations in line with the catechism of the Catholic Church, it is an opportunity to actively participate in faith by providing access to practices, sacraments and social justice actions on campus.

Weekly rosaries commenced in April and members say the AUCS promotes an ethos of community and building the Catholic network.

AUCS is the only current Catholic society to exist on a university campus in South Australia.

It has officially registered as a member of the Australian Catholic Students Association (ACSA), where delegates will be sent to represent South Australia at the 2024 Annual National Conference held at St Joseph’s College in New South Wales.

The inaugural executive council for 2024 comprises president Jessie Wagas, vice president George Rowlinson, secretary Thomas Schar, treasurer Jack Dowling, media officer Sisilina Saukuru, membership officer Anthony Close, communications officer Mitch Thompson and returning officer Melanie Ward.

“A university ministry is an invaluable evangelisation opportunity, but in a different environment to that of a parish,” Melanie said.

“For Catholics, a society on campus allows us to find common ground with fellow Catholics outside of the parish, to grow in faith and support each other in studies.”

The team believes the visibility of Catholics growing in fellowship helps students gain confidence to live their faith authentically and be a witness to the university community.

“University clubs exist on campus as a way for students to connect socially so they get a break from studies, so a specifically Catholic society can fill that desire for students to step away from their studies while being a space to grow in their faith,” Melanie said.

“Anyone interested in the faith will find a casual atmosphere to visit in this space; our hope is that this will allow newcomers to meet the person first, so they see the Catholic faith through our members.”

Connection is key.

“In a modern society where being a Christian is a challenge and requires courage, our vision is to provide young people with the opportunity to interact and grow in their faith with fellow students in a campus setting,” George said.

“In future, we aim to have our society stall at O (orientation) Week, followed by an invitation for our first society social picnic on July 23. Other future events will provide an opportunity for Catholics to grow in their spiritual life, and to witness to those not yet connected to the Church.”

AUCS invites everyone to join them in reciting the weekly rosary on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the corner of Victoria Drive and Frome Road.

The first social event will be held on Tuesday July 23 at 1pm at the Memorial War Lawn (across from the Hartley Building).

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