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Calls to support people of Myanmar


There have been calls for ‘prayers and assistance’ for the people of Myanmar as the political situation in the country continues to decline following the 2021 military coup.

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Earlier this week, the United Nations provided an update on the devastating situation in Myanmar. Since the military takeover in 2021, many have had to flee multiple times, ‘eroding their coping capacity with each move’, the UN said.

Within the last two weeks, in Northern Shan state 50,000 people were reported to have fled to find a safe refuge.

The UN also outlined how the political situation was making it difficult to get direct emergency aid to the people in need.

“Humanitarians continue to face access constraints across the country due to ongoing military operations and refusals to grant travel authorisation,” the UN said.

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, called for assistance and prayers for the people of Myanmar.

“Many Internally Displaced People in camps and other places are faced with the difficulty of having basic food. They live in fear and anxiety,” he said.

“Pray for children in the jungle, as sorrow and suffering visit them at such a tender age. May they have safety and security from all dangers that threaten their health. Pray for the youth of Myanmar, whose dreams evaporated into overnight nightmares, that they may continue to believe in themselves, in peace and reconciliation.”

National director of Catholic Mission, Fr Brian Lucas, said thanks to its network of the Pontifical Mission Societies, Catholic Mission was still able to provide direct support to the people in Myanmar.

“More than providing vital resources such as food packs, we are able to bring hope to the people and to show them that we are here with them, with our brothers and sisters,” he said.

For information about Catholic Mission’s fundraising for Myanmar go to

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