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Harmony Day

Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese held various events and activities to celebrate Harmony Day in March.

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With 12 religions and 25 cultural backgrounds represented at St Patrick’s School, Mansfield Park, it’s not surprising that Harmony Day is one of the biggest events on the school calendar.

To celebrate the day, a special whole-of-school assembly was followed by a parade of students by year level, with many students and parents wearing traditional costumes. Multicultural music and refreshments added to the vibrancy of the day which concluded with students forming a ‘human heart’ on the school oval and a performance by drummers.

Students at St Aloysius College celebrated with a shared lunch in the school courtyard, which was decorated with orange prayer ribbons.


Cynthia Pham, Joshika Saravanan, Aluel Deng and Han Nguyen


Brian Khuat, Mochi Vuong, Dylan Tran, Steven Ninh and Sally Nguyen


Rodela Hasan, Kaylena Cao, Julia Yan, Donna Nguyen, Isabella Luong and Louis Lai.


Tanveer Singh and his younger brother with Nawaz Motha


St Aloysius College social justice coordinator Clare Peterson is with students (from left) Caeli, Catalina, Mikaela, Ariana and Molly.